Bear Archery Whitetail MAXX RTH Compound Hunting Bow


Bear Archery Whitetail MAXX RTH Compound Hunting Bow

Item # 1036169


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The Bear Whitetail is a cornerstone in compound bow history. we are proud to launch the Whitetail MAXX, the next generation of this legendary bow. Featuring the EK□cam system, this bow is capable of speeds up to 339fps, while offering the shooter up to an ultra-comfortable 90% let-off. Packed with high end features, the Whitetail MAXX includes a new roller cable guard system to provide an ultimate smooth draw. KillerWave limb dampeners are also in place to make this bow seemingly dead on the shot. At 31" axle-to-axle and adjustable from 26-30 inches, this is the ultimate bow for almost anyone.


  • Roller cable guard system for a smooth draw cycle
  • Killerwave limb dampeners
  • EKO cam technology allows let-off customization to four different positions


  • Axle to Axle: 31"
  • Brace Height: 6.5"
  • Let-Off: 75%,805,85%, 90%
  • Speed: 339 FPS
  • Draw Length: 26"-30"
  • Max Draw Weight: 45 lb -60 lb / 55 lb -70 lb
  • Cam: EKO
  • Dexterity: RH and LH
  • Color: Black/Whitetail, Black/Bottomland, Throwback Green, Olive, Stone


  • Trophy Ridge 4-Pin Sight
  • Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit V®
  • Trophy Ridge 5 Arrow Quiver
  •  Trophy Ridge Stabilizer & Sling