Beiter Rip-Clutch Bow Holder/Vise

Beiter Rip-Clutch Bow Holder/Vise

Item # 1370129 | Catalog Page # 330


The Beiter Rip-Clutch is a Bow-Holder or Bow-Vise for shops, clubs, or archers.

It is part of a new product line that Werner Beiter has developed to simplify the work for the archers.
This Vise system can be fixed on a work bench, shop-desk, counter or everywhere else you have to work on a bow.


  • The Rip-Clutch easily attaches to your work bench or wall and the bow adapter can be easily removed and moved from bow to bow, ensuring ease of use and adaptability for displaying and working on your bows. The angle and orientation of the bow is easily adjustable. 
  • Great for at-home workshops or display walls at a pro shop. 
  • Keeps two hands free to make sure maintenance and upgrades for your bow are accessible and straightforward. 
  • Also included is the portable swivel attachment to ensure the angle of your bow stays set however you need it for repairs or display.