Black Gold Competition 2A Sight (4" Wing Truss Dovetail)

Black Gold Competition 2A Sight (4" Wing Truss Dovetail)

Item # 3200040


• New Wing Truss Dovetail System. Built to compete in the light weight arena, this dovetail weighs the same as competitors carbon bars but is constructed from rugged 6061 aluminum. The benefits of a light weight build with the post shot feel and reaction you are accustomed to
• A sight with more adjustments than any other sight to allow for the most precise adjustments
• Lighter weight vertical back metal ( elevation assembly )
• Easy to use indicator needles are rock solid and easy to move and read
• Stronger quick detach front end
• Quick slide wheel allows you to spin the wheel to move the entire vertical slide
• Locking front windage assembly makes it fast and easy to lock or unlock the windage knobs
• Finally a micro adjust 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis to give you the edge you need
• Weight: 10.4 oz