Black Rifle Coffee Company Thin Blue Line Roast

Black Rifle Coffee Company Thin Blue Line Roast

Item # 8610048


Thin Blue Line is the ultimate premium coffee with a cause. Thin Blue Line was created solely to benefit law enforcement officers and their families. In addition to enjoying the cocoa and vanilla aromas and smooth buttery finish of this great medium roast, drinking Thin Blue Line allows you to give back to those who serve and protect as law enforcement.

  • Coffee solves most problems
  •  Long night? Easy fix. A little backed up? We got that handled too
  • Black Rifle prescribes Coffee Saves for those suffering from caffeine deficiency, and we strongly recommend you get the rest of your medical advice from actual professionals
  • Veteran owned
  • Serving coffee and culture to people who love America 
  • Size: 12 oz bag

Medium Roast

Ground Coffee

Tasting Notes: 

This roast features milk chocolate, almond, and buttery tasting notes.