Bohning Peep It Pro Clarifier Kit


Bohning Peep It Pro Clarifier Kit

Item # 1031809 | Catalog Page # 317


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Based off the world-renowned serve-less peep it, the peep it pro takes this platform to a whole new level. This Peep-It Pro or P.I.P is premised off of the time-saving platform of the Peep-It which not only saves you time on the installation side but saves you money in that you don’t need to serve this in. Our P.I.P Kit comes with 6 biasing apertures along with 3 strengths of clarifiers. Our lenses feature a lower coating index which eliminates the “rainbow” effect and gives you no distortion or bending of light. With eliminating the bending of light, this means your impact point does not change no matter where the sunlight is coming from. Whether the sun is to your left or right, your arrow impact point on the target will remain the same. Our lenses also allow for increased light transmission for superior visibility in all lighting conditions and offer improved color rendering which aids in target definition. Our P.I.P allows you to change your clarifier and your biasing apertures separately to fine-tune your sight picture to best fit you.

  • Serve-less Design
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • 3 Lenses Come, Standard, 2 Others are Available
  • 6 Biasing Apertures
  • Plunger Included for Easy Lens Installation
  • Made in the USA