Bowjax Magnum Rizrjax Dampeners

Bowjax Magnum Rizrjax Dampeners

Item # 6850007 | Catalog Page # 293


You get one set to screw into the upper riser, and one set to screw into the lower part of the riser. Riserjax will calm that previously untamed bow. If you've got a bow with some vibration in the riser, throw on some RiserJax. Riser Dampeners have a base that is 1-1/2" diameters fits holes up to 1-1/4" diameter. These work in bows that have large holes in the riser, they don't screw into the riser they are assembled with the provided set screws. The holes in the riser could be round, square or triangular as long as the hole isn't larger than 1-1/4" in diameter they will fit.

  • Rizrjax Come with Two Monsterjax Dampeners that are
  • Attached by a Machined Screw Through a Hole in the Riser
  • Calms that Previously Untamed Bow
  • Quantity: 2-Pack