Buck Bomb Synthetic Scrape Generator Bomb

Buck Bomb Synthetic Scrape Generator Bomb

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• For areas where natural urine scents are not allowed
• Imitates urine from estrus does and rutting bucks
• For best results, use during the pre-rut through the peak of the breeding period
• Great for use in your stand or blind, or when stalking deer to create a barrier of cover scent between you and the animal
• The atomized scent is equally effective when used on scent trails, in mock scrapes, or when applied to a decoy to ramp up the enticement level
• The convenience of Buck Bomb Synthetic Scrape Generator simply means spray-and-go when you're applying deer lure scent
• Each can of Buck Bomb features the NVERTR 180-degree ball valve that allows it to be sprayed in short bursts—even upside down
• Or, lock down the valve and empty the contents all at once to unleash a potent cloud of scent that can travel in excess of a quarter mile on a 3 mph breeze
• 6.65 oz. aerosol spray can