Buck Bomb XTRUS Certified Doe 'N Estrus Liquid (4 oz.)

Buck Bomb XTRUS Certified Doe 'N Estrus Liquid (4 oz.)

Item # 1620051


• Buck Bomb XTRUS is unlike any other deer urine that's ever been available
• Is the first and only estrus whitetail doe urine that is tested and certified to contain estrogen in the urine
• Each batch is lab-tested and certified for maximum estrogen levels before ever going into a container
• Each batch of XTRUS has hard proof that it not only contains estrogen, but extreme levels of estrogen for maximum attraction power for bucks during the rut
• The easy-to-use dropper bottle contains scent
• Certified to contain estrogen levels found in whitetail does
• Boosts drawing power of mock scrapes from pre-rut through peak rut
• 4 oz. bottle includes 4 spike wicks


  • Height: 2.050
  • Width: 7.900