Carbon Express Maxima Red Badlands Fletched Arrow


Carbon Express Maxima Red Badlands Fletched Arrow

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  • Carbon Express just took its popular Maxima Red shaft and amped it up
  • Patented high-tech carbon material construction manages dynamic spine and is designed with stiffer ends to contain the arrows flex in the RED ZONE
  • The RED ZONE featuring Badlands camo is the section of the arrow engineered to contain Dynamic Spine and make a broadhead shoot more consistently
  • Stiffer front end drastically improves broadhead flight by positioning arrow flex to the RED ZONE reducing oscillation, resulting in tighter groups
  • Includes LAUNCHPAD Precision Nock .244", BullDog Nock Collar
  • Weight: 250 (8.11 gpi), 350 (9.07 gpi)