Clear Targets Filter Lens (0x)


Clear Targets Filter Lens (0x)

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After more than 2 years in development, Clear Targets has added HiViz and Red Out to the already popular Grey and Amber filter lens lineup. These exciting new filters were developed from Dr. Ferguson's extensive knowledge and understanding of the photochromatic interval as well as the optic physiology of the human eye.
  • Lenses from Clear Targets are optically clean, clear and distortion-free
  • Targets filter lens is a planar (flat front and back) 0x lens
  • Each filter lens has Anti-reflective (AR), scratch resistant, as well as anti-smudge coatings applied for optimum performance
  • A "CT" is embossed on the side of the lens that should face the target

Available in four colors  Grey - Amber - HiViz - Red Out

Red Out: Filter is a blue lens that alters the perception of the color red to the human eye in an individual with normal color vision. When focusing on a target containing the color red, it appears dark grey or black. This perception produces a calming effect that allows for better target acquisition for an archer
HiViz: Filter is bright yellow in color and was developed for low light environments. It increases contrast for both the competition shooter and the hunter's view of the target
Grey: Filter was developed to aid in reducing glare or brightness. These elements appear in high frequency on light / white colored targets in outdoor environments
Amber: Filter helps enhance target definition in an outdoor setting as well as increased clarity of line contrast on indoor target


  • Stock lenses are available for a variety of popular scope housings
  • F 3100: Axcel AV-31 & CR Target
  • F 4041: Axcel AV-41, AV-Hunter, Bowfinger 20/20 40, CR 3D, Shrewd Optum with adapter
  • F 4230: CBE Large, VTX 41, Shrewd Nomad
  • F 3032: CBE VTX 32, Bowfinger 20/20 30, CR Target with Bowfinger adapter
  • These lenses may also be drilled for the use of various fiber sizes for increased customization

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