Competition Archery 3D NockBuster Pin Points

Competition Archery 3D NockBuster Pin Points

Item # 5440006 | Catalog Page # 113
Pack 12-pack


The 12-ring at a 3-D tournament can get crowded. Competition Archery wanted to make sure you can always make room in that ring for one more arrow with its 3D Nockbuster Pins. The needle-thin point and longer body will help sneak your arrow into tight spots between other arrows, where other points would cause your arrow to kick out of the group.

• The 3D NockBuster Pins are 30% longer than regular points to reduce kick outs
• Excellent for increasing front of center for improved accuracy
• Unmatched weight tolerances (± .1 gr) for unparalleled consistency and accuracy
• Allows for great "Payback" on your competition putting their arrow in the 12 ring prior to you shooting
• Sold as a 12 pack