Cuddeback Power House Cellular Trail Camera


Cuddeback Power House Cellular Trail Camera

Item # 3340030


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  • Power House Cell has similar performance and features as the CuddeLink Dual Cell, but does not include CuddeLink features
  • Built for hunters who are considering another brand of cell camera but prefer longer battery life and Cuddeback's patented Power House illumination
  • Hunters who want their images delivered immediately after they are taken
  • Hunters who only plan to use one or a few cameras and do not a need a network of trail cameras
  • Cell camera users who only deploy 1 camera on a property
  • CuddeLink users who also want a cell camera for that special location where they require images delivered quickly
  • Anyone who wants a security camera that has incredible illumination and can deliver images immediately after they are taken
  • Hunters who want to choose the image size sent to them (full resolution or thumbnail images)
  • Cellular service starts at only $10 per month Certified for Verizon and AT&T cellular networks and will send images to all smart phones on all cell carriers
  • Receive images as fast as they are taken, or batch them up to extend battery life
  • Activating cell service is simple on Cuddeback's website
  • High-end cellular trail camera at an affordable price


  • Trigger Speed: 1/4 second trigger speed day and night regardless how long camera is in idle state Recovers for next photo in less than 1 to 2 seconds
  • Image Quality: 20 MP images in wide or full size Choose 5 MP for smaller file size
  • Camera Settings: Separate day/night settings for Camera Delay, Time Lapse (1 second to 12 hours), Burst Mode (1 to 5), Video Mode (off, 10s, 20s, 30s)
  • Prime Time time-lapse mode
  • Video are not sent via Cell
  • Flash Range: Power House IR range to over 100 feet with enhanced clarity