Darton Veracity 35 Compound Bow

Darton Veracity 35 Compound Bow

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Made with the hunter and target archer in mind, Team Darton’s Veracity 35 offers great shootability and speed with uncompromising efficiency and comfort. The Veracity 35 comes with high-quality custom-made bowstrings by Team Darton which provide zero separation, zero rotation, zero elongation, and zero break-in time. Overall this bow lives up to its name, Veracity (The state or quality of being true), and is a great option for any hunter or target archer!


  • 7075 T6511 Aluminum Riser which is exceptionally rigid for excellent stability
  • Binary cam with rotating mod features ¼” length adjustments
  • The wide cable stop provides a solid back wall at full draw
  • All aluminum limb pockets accommodate the wide limbs
  • The cable roller system offers an ultra-smooth draw cycle
  • The all-new grip design is ergonomic and incredibly stable at full draw, virtually eliminating torque
  • Bow comes with high-quality pre-stretched Darton strings and cables
  • Features a QAD Integrated Dovetail Rest Mount, Hamskea C.O.R. Rest Mount and a Standard Rest Mount


  • Axle-to-axle: 35”
  • Brace height: 6”
  • Let-off: 85%
  • IBO Speed: 339 fps
  • Mass weight: 4.6 lbs (2087 g)
  • Draw length: 26” - 31-1/2”
  • Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 lbs  (in 10 lb increments)
  • Cam: 7075
  • Dexterity: LH and RH