Deception Scents Vehicle Gassing System

Deception Scents Vehicle Gassing System

Item # 1031614 | Catalog Page # 506


  • Mix with required amount of water and let dwell overnight
  • 4 hours of time required for optimal scent elimination effect
  • Treatment must be done overnight as to avoid UV light
  • Face it, your hunting gear and truck stinks when you are heading home from the woods
  • Deception Scents offer the best option to eliminate that odiferous canine, man, lingering deer lure, or just woods stench
  • the D25 Fast Gas will be your new best friend!
  • This product does not simply mask odor; rather, it oxidizes and kills the odor for good
  • Destroy odor at a molecular level
  • The technology has been used in industrial applications for a decade to eliminate odors successfully