Domain Green Machine Food Plot Seed 1/4 Acre

Domain Green Machine Food Plot Seed 1/4 Acre

Item # 1035208


Green machine is a highly attractive cold weather food source that will remain green throughout the winter, making it the perfect fall and winter food plot to feed your herd. Green Machine contains varieties of winter rye, oats, winter peas, forage rape and radish. These plant varieties have been specifically chosen for their ph tolerance, ability to germinate quickly, cold weather tolerance and ability to attract more deer. Because Green Machine germinates quickly, stays green into the winter and is easy to establish it’s a very popular mix to broadcast into standing beans in the early fall. Since Green Machine can handle graze pressure well, it provides a great option for small hunt plots in between ag fields and bedding or as your main destination food source. When deer season sets in, you’ll be glad you have green machine on your property.

Plant Varieties :Winter Rye - Forage Oats - Winter Peas - Forage Rape - Radish

  • Seed Type: Annual
  • Location: Full Or Partial Sun, Hunt Plot, Backwoods Plot
  • Ph Range: 5.8 – 7.0
  • Soil Type: Well-Drained, Dark/Rich, Sandy, Rocky, Clay
  • Tilling: Minimal Required, Plow, Disk Or Hand Rake
  • Fertilizer: 300 Lbs. 19-19-19 Per Acre
  • Seed Depth: 1/4” Or Less
  • Seed Rate: 21 Lbs. / Acre
  • Sold in ¼ acre jug

Planting Dates

  • North: July-Sept
  • Central: July-Sept
  • South: Aug-Oct