Domain Hall Pass Food Plot Seed

Domain Hall Pass Food Plot Seed

Item # 1035211


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Hall Pass, the perfect strategy for fall and winter food or a great backup plan to help rescue a food plot failure!

Hall Pass food plot mix offers a special combination of grains, legumes, and brassicas designed to offer a high tonnage food source and year-round attraction. Hall pass can be planted late summer through fall and is designed to germinate, grow and establish quickly with minimal maintenance. Hall Pass is the perfect option for a hunt over a fall food source, last minute food plot option, rotational crop, or overseeded into over-grazed beans or corn. We’ve created the perfect ratio to allow this diverse blend of plant varieties to mature and grow together, providing the perfect smorgasbord no matter the location or climate. Hall Pass is designed to offer incredible cold tolerance and soil tolerance and your deer herd an incredible food source all fall, winter, and spring to help turn your “property” into a “domain”.

If you’re looking to begin a no till program Hall Pass can be the perfect start.  Once established, the grains and clovers in Hall Pass will be the first thing to green up the following spring, not only offering an excellent food source for deer and turkey but providing you the foundation to “sow in” brassicas later in the summer.

Plant Varieties: Winter Rye - Winter Wheat - Red Clover - White Clover - Turnip - Radish - Hybrid Forage Brassica

  • Seed Type: Annuals
  • Location: Full Sun, Partial Sun
  • Ph Range: 5.5 – 7.5
  • Soil Type: Well-Drained, Moderately Drained, Dark/Rich, Sandy, Clay
  • Tilling: No Till Friendly, Hand Rake, Plow, Disk Or Till Soil Prior To Planting
  • Fertilizer: Use Recommendation From Soil Test - Or - 200 Lbs. 19-19-19 Per Acre
  • Seed Depth: 1/4” Or Less
  • Seed Rate: 40 Lbs. / Acre
  • Sold in a ½ acre bag

Planting Dates:

  • North: Aug. - Sept.
  • Central: Aug. - Oct.
  • South: Sept. - Nov.