Fairweather Barebow Pro Finger Tab

Fairweather Barebow Pro Finger Tab

Item # 7710015



  • Designed for the comfort and precision barebow archers require
  • Palm plates sandwich the ring, and it can be adjusted in height for customization
  • The top of the tab can be a little higher if you need to use it as a pseudo shelf, or lower if you prefer to use the top of your hand for anchor
  • Completely smooth. Nothing to catch or cut
  • Crawl tapes are included rather than fixed marks
  • One tape is metric, one is imperial, and blank ones for those who make their own marks
  • The shape is designed so that the tape tucks in at the ends so it can't peel off
  • Built in two sizes to fit any archers needs
  • Ambidextrous for LH or RH archers
  • Includes: travel case and three layers of Kangaroo leather and one piece of suede

Notice: Rings sold separately