Flex Archery PRO Recurve String (SK99)

Flex Archery PRO Recurve String (SK99)

Item # 2100040 | Catalog Page # 300

AMO Lengths

All String Length options are sold as AMO lengths. As such if you have a 68" bow, please select the 68" length option. AMO lengths are between 2.75"-4" shorter than the listed length to accommodate proper brace height. Want to learn more? How to choose the right Recurve/longbow string.


  • No over servings, tight measurements, served under high tension for consistent, uniform response in your recurve bow
  • For use on all competition type of recurve bows with reinforced limb tips
  • Length can be adjusted by adding or removing string twists
  • Built from 100% SK99 Dyneema© fiber for an unmatched strength to weight ratio
  • Built to AMO length, actual string will measure 3.25" less
  • For small groove G nock (.088") choose 14 or 16 strands
  • For large groove G nock (.098") choose 18 or 20 strands
  • Packed in tube, 1 string per tube plus a free String Keeper included