Flying Arrow Kratos Broadhead (100 grain)


Flying Arrow Kratos Broadhead (100 grain)

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  • The KRATOS 100 is a 2-blade, cut on contact, 100-grain mechanical broadhead
  • Blades deploy over the top and a retained by band
  • The KRATOS has been extensively tested around the World with epic results
  • Everything from giant Whitetails, large African Game and the Southern Wild Hogs of Texas have felt its lethality
  • Whether your hunting out on the Great Eastern Plains of Montana or on the trail of that elusive Ohio Whitetail Buck you've  been watching all season, the KRATOS will give you the accuracy, strength, and confidence needed for any situation
  • The KRATOS is built with a one-piece machined 7075 aluminum ferrule
  • 440 stainless steel tip
  • Includes 3 additional retaining bands
  • Cut Diameter: 2"
  • .040 thick stainless steel replaceable blade
  • Sold in a 3 pack