Fundamentals of Compound Target Archery Book by Ruth Rowe


Fundamentals of Compound Target Archery Book by Ruth Rowe

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Whether you are just starting or have shot for some time, the Fundamentals are the basis of any shot. Proper technique is
important for anyone, whether shooting for enjoyment, looking to improve shooting skills or wanting to become a serious competitor

This book contains the information needed to either start learning target shooting technique or to improve your shooting skills.
Bob Romero developed this method of learning over years of working with numerous new and advanced archers

Starting with equipment selection and safety plus other important information, this book takes you through five Lessons where
you learn proper shooting technique - body alignment and positioning, how to handle the bow, then how to correctly execute
a target release. If you are shooting for recreation and enjoyment, use what you want. But if you are serious and want to learn correct
technique, this book has the details on the proper body positioning and the execution necessary for success - and a way to learn it

"This is the book I wished for when my son and I took up archery. It is the resource for those looking for a way to eliminate the trial
and error process when taking on a new endeavor." — Robert R.