G5 Mark 203 Fletched Carbon Arrows (6 Pack)

G5 Mark 203 Fletched Carbon Arrows (6 Pack)

Item # 1034207 | Catalog Page # 91
Pack 6-pack
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Partnering with Bohning, G5 has created an undeniably great arrow for any archer. Made in Michigan using state-of-the-art CNC machines and hand inspected for quality and fitment of components. Their proprietary 3-layer construction delivers the ultimate accuracy and durability, with a 3K woven carbon outer layer, 2 mid layers of unidirectional carbon at 0 degrees, and a base layer of 2 layers of unidirectional carbon at 90 degrees. Every arrow is produced, spin tested at .001” straightness, and coated with G5’s SILK coating for better penetration and easier arrow removal.

  • Archery style: Hunting
  • Construction: Proprietary 3 Layer Construction (100% High Modulus Carbon)
  • Inside diameter: 0.203”
  • Straightness: +/- .001″
  • Fletching: Bohning Blazer Vanes
  • Components included: 6 .203 aluminum insert and sleeve (23 grains), 6 preinstalled Bohning F nocks
  • Sold quantity: 6 pack

Available Spine Size (Weight):
  • 250 (12.45 gpi)
  • 300 (10.95 gpi)
  • 350 (10.24 gpi)
  • 400 (9.12 gpi)