Gas Pro GH-200 Hunting Vanes

Gas Pro GH-200 Hunting Vanes

Item # 8760032 | Catalog Page # 121
Pack 40-pack


  • Gas Pro GH-200 Hunting vanes 
  • Designed for .204", .246", or .314" ID shafts
  • Enough vane to steer fixed blade broadheads or dominate a 3D course
  • Use on both vertical compound arrows or crossbow bolts
  • GH-200 vanes offer the most stable and precise performing vane in the Gas Pro range of products
  • Built using the Gas Pro flexible material the vane is soft, flexible, and forgiving
  • In combination with the material the profile is shaped wider than the base and is narrower at the top
  • Height: .55"
  • Length: 2"
  • Weight: 5.8 grains
  • Available in packs of 40 pieces without glue
  • Experience the Made in Italy Gas Pro-quality in the new GH-200