Hamskea Gen2 Pro 3rd Axis Leveling Tool

Hamskea Gen2 Pro 3rd Axis Leveling Tool

Item # 7390065 | Catalog Page # 150,330


When you draw your bow back there is a natural torque that occurs. Often this goes unaccounted for and can be the cause of a lot of tuning issues, Hamskea has the only leveling system that accounts for this full-draw torque using their patented threaded alignment rod. With a high-quality all-metal design, the Hamskea Gen 2 Pro 3rd Axis Leveling Tool is essential for getting your bow shooting perfectly. Multiple mounting options for leveling 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis. This level works perfectly with most hunting and target sights, both fixed and sliders.


  • All-metal design is 23% shorter than the original Hamskea Easy Third Axis Level (3.26")
  • A quality tool for archers who demand the best out of their equipment
  • String groove for leveling bow in a bow vice
  • Easily level your bow in the vise with the turret (circular) level
  • This allows for easy X and Y adjustment without the need to adjust the level
  • Basing sight 2nd axis off the bowstring eliminates errors caused by bow cant
  • Multiple mounting options: riser, sight dovetail, sight rail, string
  • Compatible with Hunting and Target sights
  • Works for fixed pins or slider sights
  • Fits sight rails with sights with flat or angled sight tape surface
  • String groove doubles as a location to hold angled sight tape surface in place
  • True 3rd Axis Alignment Patented Technology
  • Hamskea has the only sight leveling system that accounts for the natural torque while at full draw utilizing the patented threaded alignment rod
  • Compact Sliding Design
  • Allows the clamping surface to smoothly expand while staying keyed in place
  • Increased Clamping Width
  • Capable of opening up to accept sight or riser widths of up to 1.3"