HHA Lens Kit T (1-3/4" XL Housing)

HHA Lens Kit T (1-3/4" XL Housing)

Item # 2460139 | Catalog Page # 177


  • Transform your bow sight by adding magnification to bring  game or any target closer
  • Feather Vision Series Lenses are great for the 3D course and hunting alike
  • They make for a valuable add-on to your HHA sight
  • HHA's proprietary AR coating provides a superior scratch resistance comparable to glass and a super slick surface that repels water completely
  • Separate oleophobic coating is also added to repel fingerprints, grease, dust, dirt and makes the lenses very easy to clean
  • These lenses are made using the highest quality optical-grade polycarbonate material


  • Compatible with 1.75" XL model HHA scopes
  • TTR-XL****
  • TTR-TE-XL****
  • TTR-TE-45**
  • TTR-45**
  • HYT-TMX-45**
  • HYT-TMX-XL****
  • HYT-TTR-XL****
  • HYT-TTR-45**
  • TMX-XL****
  • TMX-45**
  • TMX-TE-XL****
  • TMX-TE-45**
  • TLT-XL****
  • TLT-45**