Hi Mountain Gourmet Bacon Seasoning

Hi Mountain Gourmet Bacon Seasoning

Item # 2670003


Black Pepper & Brown Sugar:
• Bacon Seasoning is an enticing blend of savory and sweet flavor that takes bacon to a new level of delicious
• Shake on 1/4 tsp. of seasoning evenly on each side of the bacon prior to cooking
• Great no matter how you like to cook your bacon, in the oven, the microwave or the skillet

Pineapple Sriracha:
• Sriracha brings heat from the chili pepper and pineapple delivers sweet citrus for an intensely delicious bacon experience
• Pineapple Sriracha Bacon Seasoning is both deep and bright

Sticky Bun:
• Warm tones of caramel, brown sugar and butter
• Wrap bacon in a decadent blanket of sweetness that satisfies every bacon lover's sweet tooth
• Weight: .3 lbs.