KIFARU Quiver Belt (Coyote Brown)

KIFARU Quiver Belt (Coyote Brown)

Item # 1031785 | Catalog Page # 368


  • Reinforced with 14″ of Scuba webbing, this belt will lock onto the Field quiver in both right and left-hand configurations
  • Sizing is a bit different from garment belts, the shooter should account for clothing when choosing a size
  • Field Quiver Belt – Small: 32″- 42″ / Large: 38″- 52″

Note: To release the quiver from Velcro, pass 3-4 arrows through the belt channel to release the Velcro. Remove the male buckle and move to desired side or distance.  Remove the arrows and the Velcro will re-seat.  Any 2″ wide or thinner belt with loop Velcro sewn on the outside will work with the KIFARU Field Quiver