Killer Instinct SWAT X1 Crossbow Package


Killer Instinct SWAT X1 Crossbow Package

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  • Smaller than ever, the SWAT X1 crossbow is easier to cock, handle, and shoot while executing a destructive speed of 405 feet-per-second
  • Measuring only 24.75 inches long and 6.25 inches wide when cocked, the micro-frame generates its massive speed and power from the highly efficient Synchronized X Cam
  • With 50% let off, the narrow X1 can be cocked effortlessly by rope cocker, but also includes a Compact Silent Crank
  • The Accutac Barrel provides additional guidance and support to the crossbow bolt for unmatched broadhead accuracy at high speeds
  • The enclosed design also protects the bolt and broadhead making it the safest crossbow to date
  • Industry-leading 3.0-LB Trigger produces a clean break with zero creep for the ultimate downrange shooting crossbow

           X CAM
           Synchronized highly efficient design with 50% let-off for an easier-to-cock crossbow that's smoother and quieter on the shot

           The enclosed 360-degree design provides greater guidance and support to the crossbow bolt, reducing the amount of bolt oscillation and improving high-speed broadhead flight and accuracy

           3.0-LB, zero creep pull with a clean breaking action for precision shooting control at long-range distances

           Comfortable-to-shoulder design with a generous length of pull without sacrificing speed and power from a small, easy to maneuver crossbow frame

           LUMIX SPEED RING 1.5 - 5 x 32 IR-E Scope, Compact Silent Crank, Quik-Draw Rope Cocker, Quiver, (3) 20-inch HYPR Bolts (390 Grains) with Field Tips, Stick of Rail Lube

           Included to cover standard, non-wearable parts for the life of the crossbow to the original registered owner


  • Speed: 405 FPS
  • Kinetic energy: 142 FT-LB
  • Trigger weight: 3.0-LB
  • Width (cocked): 6.25"
  • Width (un-cocked): 9.75"
  • Length: 24.75" (without riser pads)
  • Weight: 7.2 LB
  • Draw weight: 195 -B
  • Power stroke: 13.25"