KIS Archery Recurve Shooting Pro Shot Trainer


KIS Archery Recurve Shooting Pro Shot Trainer

Item # 6150003 | Catalog Page # 346


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  • Shooting Pro-Shot Trainer is designed to simulate the entire shot process through to shot execution without the use of an arrow

  • Clearly and accurately feel appropriate muscles, gain body awareness while experiencing accurate sight pictures, practice release, and follow through with a mitigated post-shot response

  • Real sound clicker adds to an accurate recreation of actual shots within the archer's true clicker zone

  • Installs using the risers ATA standard 5/16 x 24 Berger/plunger hole (use both Berger hole and rest mount hole if equipped on riser)

  • Adjust the 1/4-20 screw of the cantilever arm and pipe clamp to center the simulated arrow shaft within the sight window or slightly outside the center as you would set plunger depth

  • Draw out the simulated arrow shaft to connect to your bowstring at brace height

  • Remove nock set screw and attach to the bowstring

  • The simulated arrow shaft should be perpendicular to the string

  • Adjust nock height until perpendicular or slightly nock high (the use of soft tie on nock points would be recommended to maintain nock height)

  • Adjustment pressure screw has a max turns  6 in  

               Pneumatic setting should correspond to limb weight


  • 0-1 full turn in = 25lbs @ 27"

  • 1-2 full turns in = 23-30 lbs @ 27"

  • 2-3 turns in = 30-35 lbs @ 27"

  • 3-4 turns in = 35-40 lbs @ 27"

  • 4-6 turns in = 45 lbs @ 27"

  • Settings are only guidelines Do Not exceed 50 lbs of weight when using the trainer
  • Notes: Too much pneumatic pressure the bow will vibrate and the piston will stop short, Too little pressure and piston may impact the trainer base or bow riser