Korea Archery Jet6 Arrow Puller

Korea Archery Jet6 Arrow Puller

Item # 1036867


 High-Quality Rubber with Anti-Slip Properties:
 Crafted with precision using high-quality rubber, our Arrow Puller boasts excellent anti-slip properties. 
 Say goodbye to slipping and fumbling, ensuring a secure grip on your arrows every time.

Ergonomic Comfort:
Designed with your comfort in mind, our Arrow Puller features an ergonomic grip that fits perfectly in your hand. 
Whether you're a novice or a seasoned archer, you'll appreciate the comfortable and easy-to-hold design.

Enhanced Features:
We've gone the extra mile to improve our product compared to the previous version. 
You can now enjoy reduced odor, enhanced product whitening, and increased resistance to spoilage.

Universal Compatibility:
No need to worry about arrow sizes anymore! 
Our Arrow Puller is versatile and accommodates arrows of all sizes, ensuring it's suitable for various archery setups.