Lancaster Archery X-Spot Saw Pro Package


Lancaster Archery X-Spot Saw Pro Package

Item # 1036420


Build your best Arrows

  • Start by selecting and preparing your shafting.
  • Spin the shafts to decide whether you'll trim material from the point-end or nock-end.
  • Take a moment to mark the end that's destined for the cut.
  • Bring out your X-Spot saw for those spot-on cuts in wood, carbon, or aluminum shafting.
  • The G5 Arrow Squaring Device (ASD) ensures those cut ends are flat and square.
  • Promote maximum adhesion by cleaning the shafting's interior with alcohol.
  • Then, weigh each shaft using the X-Spot Digital Scale and record the weights, arranging them from the heaviest to the lightest – meticulous and organized.
  • Weigh the nock-end and point-end components, matching those heavier pieces with the lighter shafts.
  • Ensure all components fit snugly with a dry fit. 
  • Now, it's time to bring in your adhesive of choice – we like  Bob Smith's Maxi-Cure Insta-Flex Glue 


  • X-Spot Mini Arrow Saw
  • X-Spot Deluxe Saw Replacement Blades
  • G5 Arrow Squaring Device
  • Pine Ridge Arrow Inspector
  • X-Spot Digital Scale
  • Last Chance Archery Arrow Prep Kit
  • Maxi-Cure Insta-Flex Shock Proof Insta-Insert Glue
  • LAS Sticker