LAS Strength and Flexibility Program for Archers

LAS Strength and Flexibility Program for Archers

Item # 2870144 | Catalog Page # 328


Archery strength-training & conditioning program: exercises & stretches using resistance bands help archers take care of their #1 piece of equipment—their body.

Developed for the Lancaster Archery Academy, this portable, easy-to-use training tool helps both novice and seasoned archers enhance shooting performance while reducing injuries. It's a simple, effective, and affordable way to help prepare the body for archery, increase shooting accuracy and consistency, and to help prevent injuries, especially in the neck, shoulders, mid-back, elbows and wrists.

- Zippered carry bag
- 3 resistance bands of durable, high-quality latex rubber
- Instruction guide with photos and easy-to-follow instructions for warm-up, exercises and stretches, along with strength-training and stretching guidelines
- Stretching Handle™ that provides a simple and effective way to stretch commonly sore and tight muscles—-rotator cuff, shoulder, upper and lower back

For the novice archer of any age, this program will help:
- increase strength and endurance for holding and drawing a bow
- improve posture and proper shooting stance
- create strong, flexible, and balanced muscles
- reduce the risk of strain, pain, and injury

For the experienced archer, this program will help:
- increase flexibility in tight muscles and increase strength in weak muscles
- create balanced muscles between bow arm and drawing arm
- restore postural alignment and proper joint movement
- reduce the risk of strain, pain, and injury


  • Height: 2.350
  • Width: 12.750