Last Chance Advanced Power Package


Last Chance Advanced Power Package

Item # 6910040


Sorry, this product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.


  • Perfect for someone looking for a full archery work station
  • Includes all of the necessities for working on your bows
  • Package includes:

           Power Press Deluxe:

  • LCA's patented finger system allowing you to press the bow exactly as if it's being drawn back; not applying any extra pressure to your limbs and also not applying torque to your riser
  • Exclusive pivot system will go from horizontal to vertical for easy access to finish bow set up

           EZ Vise:

  • Designed for quick and easy operation
  • Made to adjust, move, and lock into any position
  • Fills the gap and becomes your 3rd hand to hold your bow while you use both your hands to set up and tune

           Mag Tray Pro:

  • Fully magnetic inside and outside; making it ideal for holding small screws, e-clips and any other small metal item around your workbench

           Vane Mater Pro:

  • Ideal for archers who are particular about their fletchings
  • The adjustments on this jig are solid and precise, so you can always recreate the exact fletching pattern you like, even if you fletch arrows of different diameters
  • Set straight, offset or helical fletchings in three- or four-fletch arrays
  • Helical adjustment of up to 5 degree and will lay flat every time
  • Ability to hold vanes up to 4" in length
  • *Note: 4 fletch options sold separately

           Glue & Activator

           Tool Tray 

           Draw Board

  • Allows you to tune your bow to perfection
  • Check your timing, draw length, cam lean and set your rest with more precision than ever

           Bow Scale

           Pro Parts Kit

           Tuning tools

  • Needle nose pliers
  • E-clip tool
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Lighter
  • Grey and Black Sharpie
  • 3 picks
  •  Torx driver
  • 1/4"- 3/32" T handle Allen wrenches

          Tool Organizer