Last Chance Archery Quick Clip Bow Press Accessory

Last Chance Archery Quick Clip Bow Press Accessory

Item # 1031462 | Catalog Page # 341


Few things are more annoying when tuning a bow than to have your strings unwind while you’re working on the other end. Well, thanks to Last Chance Archery’s Quick Clip you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Attachable by either a super-strong magnet or a universal clamp, the quick clip allows you to clip your strings on one end to keep them from unraveling!

  • Quick Clip: Quick clip your strings and cables when they’re removed from your bow
  • Hands-Free: Extremely versatile using a hands-free flex arm so the unit stays in place while you work.
  • Magnet: Included super-strength magnet so the tool can attach to your bow press.
  • Universal Clamp: Universal clamp (max-width 2.75”) for easy attachment to your table.