Last Chance Ready Blade

Last Chance Ready Blade

Item # 1034018 | Catalog Page # 311


The Ready Blade is a knife made specifically for archers. It’s perfect for cutting serving from bowstrings, peep ties, or anything where you need the knife blade to cut extremely close and controlled. The Ready Blade uses standard razor blades, which can be purchased from any local hardware store once you deplete the included blades. It can be used in either left or right-hand configurations and includes a foam pad to place on the knife body where your thumb lays. The knife body is designed so that the bottom half of the handle is cut off, exposing the blade, so there’s no interference between the blade and what you’re cutting, but you still have complete control directly over the blade cutting area. A magnetized sheath is included. This sheath can attach to anything metal, which works well when attached to an LCA bow press. This keeps the Ready Blade inside your work area for quick and easy access. It’s coated with a scratch-resistant, black powder coat finish.


• Durable, convenient, simple

• Exposed blade for flush cutting

• Left or right-handed

• Spare blades included

• Magnetized sheath included

• Scratch-Resistant