Last Chance Revolution Vise Stabilizer Head

Last Chance Revolution Vise Stabilizer Head

Item # 1034016 | Catalog Page # 333


The Stabilizer Head works in conjunction with the Revolution Vise from LCA.  Using a threaded insert this head mounts into any bows stabilizer mounting hole. This head can tilt up/down, including levels, for precise adjustments. The threaded insert has a quick release, so it can easily be installed or removed from a bow. The Stabilizer Head can move in almost any direction, making it an extremely versatile vise head for any pro shop.


  • Durable, Strong, Versatile
  • Head attachment with leveling + tilt adjustments
  • Adjust your bows axis settings (1st, 2nd, 3rd) with ease
  • Quick-release threaded insert for easy mounting

Note: This is only the head; you must have the Revolution Vise from LCA to use. (LAS SKU: 1034015)