Last Chance Ultimate EZ Deluxe Bow Press

Last Chance Ultimate EZ Deluxe Bow Press

Item # 6910014 | Catalog Page # 343


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The Ultimate Deluxe Bow Press from Last Chance Archery is a highly adjustable, heavy-duty press with the ability to press anything from long axle-to-axle target bows to high-poundage crossbows with ease. The Ultimate series presses are built with a much thicker grade material making this press strong enough to press high-poundage bows and crossbows. Being the deluxe model, this press features an exclusive picot system to easily go from horizontal to vertical to finish bow set-up. Using the LCA patented finger system, this press can match the geometry of any bow, including bows with a limb stop past the cam, thanks to the included draw stop finger. Versatile, durable, and easy to use, the Ultimate Deluxe Bow Press is a great option for any Pro Shop or home workshop.


  • Exclusive pivot system goes from horizontal to vertical for easy access to finish bow set-up
  • Linear style press works great with parallel limb and past parallel limb bows
  • Can accommodate bows from 11”-54” axle-to-axle lengths by using the drop pin
  • Heavy-duty construction is great for working on high-poundage crossbows
  • The manual hand wheel provides fast and smooth movement while allowing you to move the press in small increments when needed
  • LCA patented finger system enables you to match the geometry of the bow you’re working on, allowing you to press a bow without applying extra pressure to limbs or torque to a riser
  • Includes 5 adjustable fingers, 4 standard, and 1 for working on bows with limb stop that sticks past the cam
  • A must-have piece of equipment for any Pro Shop or home workshop 
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes 3" pin kit