Latitude Outdoors Gear Strap

Latitude Outdoors Gear Strap

Item # 1031970 | Catalog Page # 466


Latitude Outdoors believes that every inch of every piece of gear should provide value and purpose within your system. They have designed the Gear Strap with that in mind. It comes with 5 removable loops so you can customize your strap and make it fit your exact needs! At only 3 ounces with all the loops this is a lightweight and durable option for any saddle hunter!

  • Customizable - The Gear Strap comes with 5 moveable and removable gear loops for maximum customizability.
  • Compact - At only 3 oz, the Gear Strap is designed to be as light and compact as possible.
  • Adjustable Back Pack Hanger - The Gear Strap has a dedicated attachment point for your backpack that’s single-hand adjustable allowing you to easily access your gear in the tree.

  • Total Weight: 3oz with all 5 Loops
  • Strap Length: 6.5’
  • Movable Loops Rated for 1500lbs
  • Back Pack Adjuster Rated for up to 200lbs