LP Archery Pro-Light DX-2 Digital Light Kit (Axcel)


LP Archery Pro-Light DX-2 Digital Light Kit (Axcel)

Item # 2980014 | Catalog Page # 177


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Sometimes you need a little bit of light in your sight, and sometimes you need a lot. The LP Archery Pro-Light DX2 Power Pack gives you both, and everything in between, with more than 10 brightness levels. This battery-powered light will work with just about any sight that has a scope and fiber-optic pins. Good for hunting or target shooting.

• Weather resistant digital technology
• 10+ hour battery life at max brightness
• Fine tuned brightness levels for standard or low-voltage modes
• Quicker battery change with captivated thumb screw and push-out battery holder (no tool required)
• Programmed auto shut-off with hard reset to return to preset times - preset: (2 min. top output & 40 min. bottom output)
• 3-stage low battery warning
• Weighs 1.4 oz.

• 1 Power control pack
• 1 3/8-32 thread HO sight pin light
• 2x 2032 batteries
• 24" of .010" & .019" blue fiber and Axcel fiber tube
• Velcro mounting hardware