Lucky Stops PSE Evolve Draw Stops

Lucky Stops PSE Evolve Draw Stops

Item # 3380015 | Catalog Page # 342


  • Lucky Stops Draw Stops allow you to Easily Dial-in Proper Draw Length, Valley Length, Let-off, and Wall feel
  • A great fitting bow will always give you more accuracy
  • Draw stops built specifically for the Evolve cam system
  • Each stop will attach to the cam module
  • Will Fit PSE Evolve Cams with removable stops (SE, EC, ECS)
  • Works for the Supra Focus, Perform-X, Evo NXT, Evo NTN, Evoke, Stealth, Xpedite, & Carbon Air
  • Size PF has the same settings as the factory stops but will firm the wall
  • Includes 2 Stops and 2 Mounting Screws
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Made in the USA


  • PW Stop is the shortest stop & works best on the shorter draw length settings. Offers up 92% let-off when installed on a High let-off module
  • PX Stop is slightly longer and offers up 95% let-off in the middle setting at longer draw lengths when installed on a High-let off module
  • PF Stop can be used throughout the entire draw length spectrum and when set in the "in" position it offers from 95-90% let-off depending on draw length
  • PS Stop offers 92-88% let-off when installed in the "in" position. This slightly longer stop can decrease let-off and increase holding weight
  • PY Stop provides from 88-77% let-off depending on draw length setting, increases holding weight, and shortens draw length
  • PZ Stop is the longest stop offered for Evolve cams with the shortest draw length and lowest let-off settings

           See chart for more complete possibilities of Evolve cam draw stops