Lumenok Extinguisher Arrow Puller

Lumenok Extinguisher Arrow Puller

Item # 1670023 | Catalog Page # 354


• A multi-use tool, an arrow puller and Lumenok extinquisher all in one!
• Device designed to easily turn off your Lumenoks
• Compressed material actually pushes the Lumenok slightly rearward, breaking its contact from the rear of the shaft
• Pull your arrows from the target, then grip the end of the shaft and the Lumenok, shake your wrist, and you're ready to shoot another round
• Leaves your Lumenok rotation unchanged from shot to shot
• When not in use pulling your bolts and arrows or turning off your Lumenoks, it can be stored on a shaft in your quiver


  • Height: 1.100
  • Width: 6.300