Modern Traditional DVD by Ty Pelfry & Scott Antczak

Modern Traditional DVD by Ty Pelfry & Scott Antczak

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Increased Accuracy + Speed + Tuneability+ Durability + Smoothness are benefits of the modern recurve system.

This is the system you are looking just don't know it yet!

Join 3x USA Field World Team Member and IFAA indoor world record holder, Ty Pelfrey As he shows you how to elevate your shooting to the next level.

Learn how to string walk, the worlds most deadly accurate barebow aiming system. Witness first time barebow student shoot his first 6 arrows.

Experience modern recurve tuneing: plunger/rest setup, bieter limb gages, tiller, Brace heigth, bareshaft tuning...its' all here whether you shoot a trad tech/carbon extreme bf or A spigerilli 650 club/w&w setup, these tuning procedures are universal.

Master steep uphill/downhill shooting angles and how this applies to hunting.

Then Ty teams up with IBO indoor worlds silver medalist and IFAA worlds bronze medalist, Scott Antczak for 3d, nfaa field and extreme FITA field. Plus interviews with a few of USAs' top NAA barebow field archers.

Bonus footage included. Approx 85 min. If you are looking to become a Seriously accurate shot in a short period of time, this DVD is for you!