Nexxus Infinity Fletched Arrows (6 Pack)


Nexxus Infinity Fletched Arrows (6 Pack)

Item # 5010010
Pack 6-pack
Lancaster Archery can custom cut your arrow shafts for you. Enter your precise shaft length as measured from end to end of the shaft, excluding any hardware (nocks, bushings, inserts, and points). If this option is not selected, your shafts will be shipped uncut at full length.
If you would like Lancaster Archery to install factory-included components for you, please select this option. If the Install Components box is checked and the Custom Cut Length field is left unchecked, your shafts will be shipped uncut with inserts/points installed at full length.


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  • Premium small diameter arrows built for strength, accuracy downrange, and lethality
  • Micro Diameter .166/4.2mm ID Shaft For Increased Penetration
  • Includes 50-grain interlocking Aluminum Defender Outsert System For Maximum Durability
  • Dual locking threads ensure precision alignment between your arrow, outsert, and broadhead for maximum accuracy and strength
  • Accepts standard 8-32 thread pitch points or broadheads
  • Spine specific sleeve fits the OD of the Infinity arrow shaft for precision fit
  • Optional 75-grain Titanium Defender Outserts are available separately
  • Less Wind Resistance Than SD arrows For Improved Accuracy
  • Pre Fletched - 2" Rapt X Vanes With 2 Degree Helical For Maximum Accuracy
  • Straightness +- 0.003"
  • Length 33"
  • Weight: 400 spine 8.05 gpi | 350 spine 8.87 gpi | 300 spine 10 gpi | 250 spine 11.1 gpi
  • Sold in a 6 pack