Novix Helo Hang On Treestand

Novix Helo Hang On Treestand

Item # 1033046 | Catalog Page # 460


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Novix’s lightweight hang-on treestand the Helo provides the ultimate mobility option for the avid public land hunter. Made in the USA out of high-quality solid aluminum, allowing it to be silent and not creak and pop when the temperature fluctuates. The self-leveling feature allows you to hunt out of virtually any tree. A frost coating eliminates glare from the aluminum, helping to further keep you hidden.

  • 9.2 lbs
  • 26.5” x 16” Standing Platform
  • Weight Rating: 300 lbs
  • All-Aluminum Construction

  • Helo Hang On Treestand
  • Water Resistant Seat Cushion
  • Two (2) Cam-Buckle Belts
  • Fall Arrest System
  • Non-Padded Backpack Straps