OMP Archery Tech Tool Kit (Pro Kit)

OMP Archery Tech Tool Kit (Pro Kit)

Item # 1034012 | Catalog Page # 325


Whether you’re working in a Pro Shop, at home, or in the field, the Archery Tech Pro Tool Kit gives you all the essential tools for bow setups, tuning, and advanced bow maintenance.


Included in the kit:


  • Archery Tech Tool Bag
  • Cinch D Loop Plier – Now Included!
  • 2 Hex Wrench Sets: .050–3/16″ and 5/64–¼″
  • T6 Multi Plier
  • Pro Shop Bow Square
  • Freehand Bow Level
  • Freehand Arrow Level
  • String Serum
  • Revolution Serving Jig
  • TruCrimp Nocking Pliers
  • Accu-Arrow Digital Archery Scale
  • Torx Bit Wrench Set: T9–T40