onX Hunt Premium Membership


onX Hunt Premium Membership

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Sorry, this product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.


onX Hunt Premium Membership

Visualize your hunt with onX Premium. Everything you need to plan, map, and hunt in your preferred state.
onX Hunt Premium is the perfect, affordable solution for those who need maps for a single state. onX Hunt Premium members all of the tools, features, and functionality onX Has to offer for a single state in their subscription. onX Hunt Premium is the perfect hunting GPS solution for single state hunters.

Premium: Single State Membership

Select your state and get access to every Map Layer and Tool from onX for where you hunt, including Public/Private Land Boundaries, GMUs, customizable Waypoints, Tracking, Line Distance, Area Shape Measurements, Wind and Weather, Offline Maps, and much more.

Total onX Library:

  • The most extensive maps out there
  • Proprietary data collection and analysis power the most accurate and current maps available
  • 121 million private properties, 421 map overlays and counting, 985 million acres of public land, 400,000+ miles of trails
  • Cross country access that can be used through multiple devices
  • Can be used on desktop/laptop computers, apple/android tablets and smartphones, and also Garmin GPS devices
  • Maps can be saved and accessed offline from the GPS in your mobile device (even when the network is nonexistent)

Features with Premium Single State:

  • Private land boundaries show property lines so you can hike with confidence
  • Public land boundaries shows how far you can chase those trophy animals
  • Offline maps allow for saved maps to be used offline
  • Aerial imagery with 24k topo combine the power of aerial imagery with topo lines to give you the best understanding of the terrain
  • National roads & trails show road names and numbers for rural backroads, forest service roads, scenic byways, decommissions and trails
  • Custom way-points give you the ability to drop way-points at sign, rubs, bedding areas so you can come back to those points
  • Share a way-point with your friends so they can find where you are
  • Tracking allows you to track your path and follow your way back to camp or the truck
  • Point of interest shows fishing access sites, beaches, campgrounds and more
  • Sync Mobile and computer syncs all of your data from your phone to your computer and vice versa


You will receive a code that you must use to create an account, enter your redemption code to enjoy the app and Hunt chip updates for a year

Premium subscription gives you full access to onX systems for 1 state