Parenting Champions Book by Lanny Bassham

Parenting Champions Book by Lanny Bassham

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Parents are the first and most important mental coach a child has in their life yet parents are not taught how to help their competitive child build their mental toughness for sport, or any other competitive environment. This book helps equip parents with understanding the mental game and how they can better help their children grow.

• Parenting Champions is a book designed to help parents of competitive children/teens learn how they can be better Mental Coaches for their children
• Children/Teens are competing every day for a spot on the team, lead in the school play, academic excellence, college scholarships, and so much more
• Having a strong mental game is vital to success and this books helps parents learn what they can do to aid their children/teens in developing a strong mindset in their competitive efforts
Who can benefit from it?
• Parents - of all age children at any competitive level
• Coaches of all levels in all sports or performance areas
• Teachers of any grade level
• How to help your child gain mental skills to advance in their sport or performance area
• Ways to talk to your child to help build their Self-Image
• Why you are the first and most important Mental Coach your child will ever have
• How to help your child improve in their sport by helping them mentally
• Advice from Olympic Champion and Olympic Coach, Lanny Bassham