Phelps Omega Hybrid Grunt Tube Deer Call


Phelps Omega Hybrid Grunt Tube Deer Call

Item # 1035565


The call is tuned to sound like a young buck, but can call in even the wisest old buck.

Diving deep into research and development and working with trusted game call visionary, James Harrison, we designed and built an American mold-injected tone board and exhaust that sounds second to none. Nobody likes their grunter to freeze up with condensation during a cold snap, so we install a specialized rivet in the reed to create momentum, preventing the reed from locking up from condensation. Rounding out this deer call, we plug the internals into an acrylic barrel to make an uncompromising buck grunter that won't break the bank.

  • Young buck vocalizations
  • Value price point call
  • More compact compared to our other calls
  • Does not include a bellows tube - for the discerning hunter
  • Features a special weighted anti-stick reed for cold weather calling
  • Material: Acrylic Barrel & American Mold Injected Tone Board