Pine Ridge Nitro Split Limb Dampener 2pk

Pine Ridge Nitro Split Limb Dampener 2pk

Item # 3450063 | Catalog Page # 292
Pack 2-pack


  • Easy to use dampeners fit right in-between the split limbs with no tools or bow press required
  • They hold tight and will dampen vibration and noise on both vertical bows as well as many crossbows like the Ravin™ Crossbow and others
  • Made of durable material that can be squeezed into tight limb gaps and stay in place
  • Use one on top and one on bottom, or you can stack them to make custom color set ups
  • Each package includes 2 Nitro Split Limb Dampeners
  • Max limb gap: 1.20"


  • Overall width: 2.187"
  • Overall height: 1.433"
  • Overall depth: 0.65"
  • Max limb inside width: 1.20"
  • Weight (each): 0.6 oz (262.5 grains)