Ravin R50X Crossbow Package (Gray)


Ravin R50X Crossbow Package (Gray)

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Ravin is constantly pushing boundaries even further to deliver apex hunting performance and rifle-like accuracy. 

The ultimate in apex hunting performance delivers advanced innovation at every turn. An industry first, proprietary DuoMax Cam and string Technology work together to rotate an incredible 360º.

This new system transfers massive amounts of harnessed energy via an industry first dual-track cam system, that delivers maximum rotational stabilization at blistering speeds. The R50X delivers a staggering 505 FPS speed with a 400-grain arrow and boasts a sleek axle-to-axle width of 4” when cocked.


  • Ravin Speed Lock Scope: The new Ravin 100-Yard Illuminated Crossbow Scopes with Speed Lock feature a speed lock ring to secure your FPS dial after sighting in. Available in both 450 FPS and 550 FPS settings, you get clear, precise reticles that have red and green illumination for easy targeting, and fully coated fog and waterproof lenses. Built to handle anything in the field, this scope keeps you at the apex of every hunt. 
  • Silent Cocking: The fully integrated Silent Cocking System allows you to silently cock your Ravin in any environment.
  • XK7 Camo: Kings Camo helps deliver industry-leading proprietary camo designs for every kind of hunt. XK7 is made to mimic natural colors, textures, and shapes from desert floors to alpine basins and wooded treelines, disguising the human shape in any environment.
  • Trac-Trigger Firing System: This patented built-in trigger mechanism slides forward on the rail and clasps directly to the precise center of the string every time the bow is drawn, allowing for straight-line nock travel. This unique HeliCoil advantage creates a perfectly balanced draw for unmatched accuracy downrange.
  • VersaDrive Cocking System: Included on all R50X Model crossbows. The VersaDrive Cocking System features a revolutionary dual-screw drive that moves the Trac-Trigger™ Firing System (TTFS) back and forth. An internal clutch eliminates overcocking and allows cocking or de-cocking to be stopped at any time during the process.
  • Frictionless Flight System: This patent pending technology allows the arrow and string to float freely above the rail, eliminating friction for consistent accuracy and increased string and cable life. This unique HeliCoil advantage delivers unmatched downrange accuracy with every shot.


  • Speed: 505 FPS
  • Width Axle-to-Axle: 4” cocked, 8” uncocked
  • Length: 28”
  • Weight: 8.4 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 15”
  • Kinetic Energy: 226 FT/LBS
  • Cam System: DuoMax
  • Draw Force: 17 LBS
  • Color: Gray

Includes: 100-yard illuminated 550 fps scope, R500 draw handle, 3-pack of Ravin R500 series arrows & field points (400 grain total), quiver, and mounting bracket.