Ripcord Max IMS Drop-Away Rest

Ripcord Max IMS Drop-Away Rest

Item # 1030764 | Catalog Page # 207


The Max IMS by Ripcord is the next level in drop-away rest design. This rest is compatible with any bow model that features the Integrate Mounting System machined directly into the riser. The soft rubber coating eliminates almost all noise while drawing, giving you silence and superior arrow containment when you need it the most. The Thumbcock launcher allows you to load and cock your rest with one hand while the Firefall design offers total arrow containment even when moving around.

  • Features IMS (Integrated Mounting System) technology; dovetails machined into your riser provide a superior connection with the arrow rest compared to the old bolt and bracket
  • Construction: Lightweight Aluminum
  • Firefall design stays up even after letting down and only falls when shot, providing superior arrow containment
  • Double Down Brake System increases accuracy by eliminating bounce back
  • Ball Bearing Drive System allows for smooth operation and unmatched durability
  • Thumbcock launcher allows you to load the arrow and cock the rest with one hand